7 Days and 35 Hours to Jozi

Welcome to the Rovang Eye.

Welcome to the Rovang Eye, the personal blog for my upcoming year of travel as the H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellow. For the next 12 months, I’ll be traveling approximately 2.5 times the equivalent of Earth’s diameter to explore the public history of world industrial heritage. As an architectural historian and Americanist specializing in the early- and mid-twentieth century, I’ve spent the last several years steeped in the industrial context of the United States. I’m thrilled and honored by the opportunity to put this knowledge into a global context and investigate a broad range of sites and typologies across four continents.

The Rovang Eye will feature meditations on the built environment written for a general audience. My ultimate goal here, though, is to convey a sense of place, of which architecture is just one facet. So in addition to buildings and urban planning, this blog will touch on food, music, fashion, art, and global politics.

Beyond this blog, I will also be writing more scholarly articles for the Society of Architectural Historians and the National Trust for Historic Preservation (both of which will be up by the end of August). My husband/traveling companion, John, and I will also be producing a podcast called “Sundowners” featuring conversation and sound from our travel experience together.

All of this content can be easily accessed from my website. And please sign up for the Rovang Eye Newsletter, which will be distributed weekly (or whenever I have internet access!).

In one week, I will commence my travel year with an epic 35-hour flight pattern from Albuquerque to Johannesburg. Stay tuned for more from Chicago, Brussels, or Cairo.

Photo credit: Lisa Golden
Photo credit: Lisa Golden


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